Mindful Monday: Create a Positive Classroom With a Happy Song


Yes, I'm Happy Song.001It is so important to help our students feel happy and engaged as soon as they walk through that classroom door.  As a music teacher, I always start my K-3 classes off with a hello song.  I find it brings them together and gives them something to do right away.  

Here is a hello song I wrote to the tune of “Ode to Joy” by Beethoven to help my students feel happy and engaged.

Yes, I’m happy.

Yes, you’re happy.

We are here to learn and play.

Growing, sharing, helping, caring are some ways to start the day.

Making music with my classmates

Makes me want to shout hooray!

Yes, I’m happy.

Yes, you’re happy.

And that’s all I have to say!


You can even add student names to the song in the beginning of the year if you would like to help you remember all of those names! (example: Yes, there’s Andrew and there’s Natalie and there’s Steven and Jolene).

To make students feel especially engaged, have a student come to the front of the room and lead the class in a movement while they sing the song.  For example, have a student think of an easy movement such as jumping, clapping, hopping, etc. and lead the class in this movement for the entire song.  You may pick 1 or 2 students per week to do this (you may want to pick more outgoing kids first).

After a while, you can even talk about musical form with this song and have your students come up with different movements for each line of music that is different.  Have fun coming up with different ways to use this song in your class.

Do you start your class off with a hello song? What songs do you use? Please feel free to leave a comment below 🙂
Happy Students= More Learning!

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