Growth Mindset Brag Tags!

It’s a new year! I wanted to start the new year off right by re-vamping my behavior management system.  I started using these growth mindset brag tags I made with my 5th graders this past September and they loved the idea.  Now for the new year, I decided to use them with my entire school!

What are brag tags?

Brag tags are fun little tags you can print, laminate, and cut out for your students. Students then earn tags and save them.  I have my students save them on binder rings, but I have seen other teachers use necklaces or even booklets.  The kids love collecting the tags! It has saved me a ton of money since I don’t have to constantly buy them prizes.

Brag tags in specials?

Yes! As a music special subject teacher I see over 500 students a week! How can I possibly make enough brag tags? Well, I don’t give them to everyone all the time.

How do I give out the tags?

At the beginning of the class period, I tell the students I will be giving out brag tags to two students who are exhibiting a certain behavior.  I may put the two tags on the board or I may just tell the students.  The tags I have include:
• Mistakes help me grow
• I have a growth mindset
• I made a connection
• I kept trying
• I am in control of my amazing brain
• I showed initiative
• Popping dendrites
• Kiss your brain
• I can make comparisons
• I am optimistic
• I practiced

At the end of the class, I choose two students who I think exhibited that behavior to earn the brag tag.  If the class as a whole did a great job, I also pick two more students at random to earn two other brag tags.  I do this by choosing two numbers from a cup (I have safety numbers on popsicle sticks in a cup). If a class is particularly amazing, then everyone can earn a brag tag that day.  I try to check off who earned a brag tag on my roster so that way other students can get a chance to earn one.

Check out this FREE sample growth-mindset-brag-tags-connection to use with your class!

You can find my complete set of brag tags in my Growth Mindset Brag Tags Set


These growth mindset brag tags really helped to promote a positive mindset in my 5th grade students.  Having them think about a particular positive behavior each week has really transformed the way they participate in music.  I hope to produce the same results next week with my younger students! Do you use brag tags in your classroom?