How to Jazz up Those Cardboard Boxes and Create Storage!

Do you have enough storage in your classroom?  If you are like me, the answer is no!  I needed an inexpensive way to hold all of my books and magazines I currently have piled on the floor in my classroom.  

I have a two-year-old at home and she goes through a lot of diapers.  I realized I’ve been throwing out storage boxes all of these years!

The problem is, no one wants a diaper box sitting in the middle of their classroom.

The solution: decoupage!

Box Transformation

What is decoupage? Basically, decoupage involves cutting pieces of paper and pasting them to an object.  Usually, you use a varnish or lacquer to seal it at the end, but I chose not to do this step since I figured I would be the only one handling these boxes.  If your students will be handling the boxes, then by all means feel free to seal it up.

How I did it:

Step 1- Gather together glue, scissors, a paintbrush, and paper you would like to use.  I chose some old sheet music since it will go well in my music class.


Step 2- Cut the paper into strips.  It doesn’t have to be perfect since you will be overlapping the strips.

paper strips.jpg

Step 3- Put your glue in a bowl with water (about a 1:1 ratio).

glue bowl.jpg

Step 4- Mix up the glue and water mixture.  You may have to add more glue or more water depending on the consistency. My two-year-old is helping me mix 🙂

mix glue.jpg

Step 5- Paint your glue mixture on to the box and place your strips on it.  Cover your strips with more glue.  Keep going until your box is covered with paper strips.  After it dries, you may want to spray a varnish over top.


Step 6- Enjoy your beautiful new storage box!

storage box.jpg
Have you ever reused things in your classroom? Feel free to leave a comment below.